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" I don’t know where I would have been had ZIWNUK not called me "

" When I come to the office (ZIWNUK offices) I feel at ease to ask questions and get help without feeling judged "

Welcome [ Mhoroi | Sawubona ]

The Zimbabwe Women’s Network-UK (ZIWNUK) was set up in June 2003 to focus on the issues concerning the rights and welfare of Zimbabwean women refugees, asylum seekers, students and migrant workers and their families living in London, England and Wales, as they face challenges in the process of settlement and of integrating into the UK community. The network also aims to secure resources to deliver projects that promote and nurture girls and women’s skills to enable them to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Our work is guided by the desire for a just and fair society where power and possibilities are not limited by our gender, race, tribe, colour, disability or age. Our goal therefore is to support the efforts of women and girls and to enable them to embark on a journey to take their rightful positions in the business, political, academic, corporate world and to have an opportunity to influence changes that will lead to their economic empowerment.  We are a group with energy and resourcefulness and part of the UK mainstream women’s movement working to contribute towards gender equality.

Our Mission

To provide a service and platform for the benefit of the socially and economically disadvantaged migrant and refugee women living in London, in particular but not exclusively to Zimbabweans by: