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What we do


The friendly staff at ZIWNUK offer our registered and drop in service users the opportunity to:


Primary benefits from our activities

  1. We offer individual and community support - sanctuary for migrants with their related problems: immigration issues, Health and Poverty.
  2. Promotion of social inclusion and integration of migrants and their children into the host community. Contributing towards a better society through promoting social inclusion and social capital.
  3. Health promotion and wellbeing in general and in particular for people with a terminal medical condition. Contributing to members' good mental and physical health, aiding the prevention of ill - health, fostering composure in the face of ill- health.
  4. Platform for support , advice and information on issues of immigration, health and welfare benefits and signposting for specialist services.
  5. Platform for women's empowerment including social enterprise activities.
  6. Advocacy and policy representation on the rights and welfare of women refugees, asylum seekers, students, migrant workers and their families living in London.
  7. Advancing education and training for employability.
  8. Promote and nurture girls and women's skills to enable them to enter employment and lift themselves out of poverty.


How we identify our beneficiaries and their needs

  1. Referrals from partner organisations, including UKBA, PCTS, Social Services departments in the Borough Councils, solicitors and other community organisations
  2. Word of mouth
  3. Using borough exploratory socio- economic and health promotion surveys and existing databases
  4. Carrying out research in the form of project cycle surveys , focus group discussions, survey and feedback from former service users as a way of identifying potential beneficiaries and needs that have to be addressed in our community


How we ensure that our activities fully benefit our targeted beneficiaries

  1. Accurate periodic and annual reports, both narrative and financial indicating how ZIWNUK's activities would have provided a public benefit.
  2. Meeting reporting requirements e.g. publication of the annual report and accounts once a year indicating the relationship between annual accounts and annual report.
  3. Adherence to the legal requirements of the Charity Commission Act 2006 e.g. maintaining the aims remain for the public benefit.