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ZimWomenUK Organisational Chart




Chairperson: Nyasha Gwatidzo
Secretary: Yeukai Taruvinga
Treasurer: Walter Mpofu

Executive Director

Silva Hove

Members & Volunteers

Specialist Support
Women's Health
Domestic Violence
Advice, Advocacy & Signposting
Social and Cultural
Networking Events
Skills & Development
Children & Young
people's Projects

Principles that govern our work

Participation That our services reflect our beneficiaries needs Encourage full participation by ensuring that services are widely advertised in our community especially those hard to reach We welcome and encourage feedback from all stakeholders, service users as well as professional partners and to incorporate that feedback in our future programs and services
Fairness Equal access to the services that we offer for everyone who is eligible for support ; that no- one is ever turned away without receiving some level of support The programs and services we provide takes into account the diversities of the people in our community
Decency That all our services users are treated with respect dignity and their information with confidentiality  
Accountability We respect and adhere to the governing rules set by the Charity Commission and Company House and submit Annual returns and Financial information at set timescales once a year All our staff and management committee are accountable for all their actions and can be called to account in the event of not performing their duties to expected capacity We have a complaints procedure in place to address any issue that may arise and we aim to resolve all complaints quickly and satisfactorily
Transparency We aim to provide accurate information on all our services and the money that we get to run the projects and our finances are checked by an independent organisation and submitted to both company House and Charity Commission every year We operate an open door policy and we are open to the public in questioning how we use our resources
Efficiency We endeavour to make best use of resources that we get from funders and supporters We have a monitoring and Evaluation policy and ensure that all the work we do is evaluated and learning is fed back into future programs